I am a product designer with a passion for designing, making and problem solving. From extracting sand from concrete to make glass, designing educational tools and managing exhibitions. My work addresses materials and process, traditional making and education with a concern for sustainability.

  • MA Design Product

  • Royal College of Art | 2020

  • BA Sustainable Product Design

  • Falmouth University | 2018

  • Awards & Exhibitions:

  • LDF, Brompton design district 2020

  • Editor & co-founder of the DP publication 2019 - 2020, 2MD

  • V&A’s Day of Design, London, 2019

  • Circular City Hack, Designer 2020

  • V&A’s Day of Design, London 2019

  • Project managed, Design Products exhibition, Milan 2019

  • Creative Conscious award for educational tool 2018

  • Project managed, Greens not Easy, New Designers, awarded Best Stand in Show 2018.

Finite Fragments

Sand is a finite resource. This project attempts to highlight the issue by combining research with making. The process of creating glass from spelt concrete is one that seems almost impossible. However, the outcome is a glistening, indistinguishable piece of glass. This research process attempts to illuminate the material value trapped in the objects that we simply throw away.

Project Website

The world is running out of sand. Apart from water, sand is the most used resource by humankind, 50 billion tons is consumed every year. Concrete and glass could be considered pivotal uses of sand that have shaped the way modern society lives. These materials play an integral role in the structures we inhabit, to the objects we interact with on a daily basis. The construction industry's production of concrete is the main culprit of sand scarcity.