Passionate about learning and creating. I hold a 1st class BA (Hons) Sustainable Product Design from Falmouth University. This really channelled the way I approach design; taught me the importance of understanding who and what you are designing for, in addition to a critical approach to my practice. Currently, I am studying MA Design Products at the Royal College of Art.


GIFT is Glueless, Interchangeable, Functional and Timeless; it is a design system that comprises four aspects driven by sustainable considerations. Taking advantage of the compressive strength of cardboard while maximising the amount of material, and using an accessible construction method of cutting and folding, GIFT can provide a range of contemporary living desires. It can be used as shelving, storage and seating within the home. It proves that whatever Samsung cardboard box is available, a good design object is obtainable through a simple construction method, that does not require any specialist tools, skills or additional materials.